Wastewater treatment

Sewage and wastewater treatment

  • Aeration refinement in purification systems
    • Allows you to saturate the drains with oxygen and speed up cleaning at times​
    • The efficiency of our aeration is 60%, while the staff around the world does not exceed 4%​

  • Dehydration and disinfection of waste
    • we process sludge, sewage, manure in a stream on our unique equipment, we remove the smell and bring it to the soil​

  • Biological water treatment without chemistry to drinkable and safe for rivers

The cost of the solution for the client

The payback of wastewater treatment does not exceed $0.3 per 1 m3, the world average cost is from $0.7 to $2 per m3. What guarantees a return on investment in 2 years

How it looks like? Compact plant to build up near to the water problemLess construction cost!

  1. Less land requirements (40ft container type build up!)
  2. No smells and dangerous sludge
  3. No waste
  4. Only 15кВт / h per plant
  5. Cheaper