The View

Innovative technologies for the restoration of artificial and natural water bodies and land after the negative impact of human.

The Idea

Restoring ecosystems through our technologies of wastewater treatment, aeration, biofiltration, and the acceleration of natural cleaning processes

The aquatic ecosystems: reservoirs, ponds, rivers, seas are very fragile from external influences. Animals live in harmony with the natural system of the reservoir, which provides purification from the waste products of their inhabitants.

If we violate this balance, then we must help nature cope with the imbalance. To do this, our solutions will come to the rescue.

Saving Ecosystem Worldwide

Diversity of life is proof of a healthy ecology

Fishmuss aeration floats create an oasis of life


We restore aeration and the balance of substances for water bodies, while maintaining pristine purity and conditions for natural diversity.

Our KPI of oxygen dissolution higher then 60%. World around 5%.

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Fast & Lightweight treatment

Bacteria need aeration, the higher the dissolution of oxygen, the higher the efficiency and speed of cleaning. Our gas dissolution is the highest among all known systems. Bacteria are located in the pores of a reusable filter substrate of our own design

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Oxygen dissolution efficiency


Years of Experience


Ammonium utilization per hour

The quality is higher, and the cost of water treatment is cheaper

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Unique biological treatment

No any world analogues

Multi-chamber storage block with holding biological reusable loading

Bacteria need aeration, the higher the dissolution of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the higher the efficiency and speed of cleaning. Our gas dissolution is the highest among all known systems​

Our bacterial system are located in the pores of the filter substrate of our own design. Where oxidation and accelerated cleaning processes occur

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what we do

Work directions

Households compact water treatment equipment — up to 600 m3 per day

Biological treatment of reservoirs and pools, creation of eco-ponds​

Cleaning of livestock waste, odor, fertilizer production​

Aeration and biofiltration

Sludge reduction

More fish per volume of water

Inside the fishmuss

We could adjust classic treatment

Save the fish

Wastewater purifying

Extend knowledge

Clear the sea

how to prevent

Death of fish in water bodies from lack of oxygen

Bottom residues, silt in reservoirs cause methane fermentation, which stratifies the water, greatly reduces the amount of oxygen and increases the content of toxic substances such as ammonium, nitrite, etc. The problem arises from insufficient aeration and biological purification of the reservoir and purification of waste water that flows into it.


it happens


Massive death

Ecology restoration

Water treatment

Ecology problem

Long Island Canal

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